Collaborations and Awards

2009               Cover and interiors in the magazine Universo de el búho. René Avilés Fabila Foundation. Year 10, no. 103, (December 2008 – January 2009).

2006               Illustration of the book “Ramón Xirau: in the gardens of time” by José María Espinasa. Series “Sailor on Land”. Edition of the graphic work “Homage to Xirau”.

2004               Alforja –poetry magazine.

                        Intersecciones Magazine –Telmex Foundation.

                        Paint workshop at the Museum of Anthropology of Jalapa, Mexico.

1995               Sant Jordi Award of Plastic Arts, awarded by the Promedic Foundation with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

1994               Benefit auction at the Bar Association of Barcelona.

1990               Engravings for the book “Vent de Marbre” by Jacint Sala (poetry) Editions 62.

1989               Illustrations for Playboy.

1987-1988     Edition of lithograph prints for the literary award “The Vertical Smile" from Tusquets publishers.


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